Blocked Shower Drain | Clogged Drain

A blocked shower drain can cause flooding, and cause water damages to your washroom! Irrimaxx 24/7 emergency drain plumbers are on call 365 days a year across Montreal, Laval and the South SHore, and have the equipment and experience to attend to clogged shower drains fast.

Do-it-yourself drain cleaning products don’t usually work well for clogged or slow shower drains as they aren’t very effective against the most common causes of blockage, such as hair and soap, and are a temporary fix at best. Sometimes they can even make the blockage worse!

We clear a blocked shower drain with a hand-held sani-snake, but sometimes we employ an electric sani-snake to remove grime.

Contact Irrimaxx for all your drain needs. We offer our services in the Montreal Area, Montreal West Island, Laval and the South Shore Region.