Irrigation Maintenance

Systematic irrigation / sprinkler system maintenance protects your investment

Maintenance is probably the most critical yet the least visible service offered by an irrigation company. If you live in Montreal East, Montreal West, Laval, South or North Shore, maintenance is all about anticipating landscape issues before they escalate into problems. Because once plants begin to brown and go into shock – from over watering or underwatering – the damage may already be done.

Irrigation maintenance that suits your specific needs is flexible, IrriMaxx Irrigation makes it work for you. We offer various levels of irrigation and sprinkler system maintenance, simply structured to address the needs of your property and your budget – including total plans that cover all parts and labor.
A periodic check of the operation of your system addressing appropriate coverage, maintenance of heads and nozzles, and proper clock and rain sensor operation. Parts and additional system repairs will be charged at a reduced hourly rate.

Irrigations Services across Montreal East, Montreal West, Laval, South Shore and North Shore.