Irrigation Spring Start Up - Opening

Spring is in the Montreal air and it is time to start thinking about opening and getting your irrigation / sprinkler system turned on and tuned up for the upcoming season. We recommend scheduling the opening of your Irrigation Spring Start Up Service with Irrimaxx Irrigation in March, April or May depending on weather conditions to get your system open up and running efficiently for the watering season. We services all clients across Montreal area, Montreal East, Montreal West, Laval, South Shore and North Shore. The winter months can take a heavy toll on your system’s settings and sprinkler heads.

Our Spring Start Up and Opening service includes the following:

  • Turn your water on, check for leaks and inspect system to address any issues winter has left behind;
  • As required – install pump, suction line and check valve and filter;
  • Activate your controller, set watering schedule, test all valves in the system and replace battery (Battery sold separately).
  • Adjust the system to ensure proper coverage;
  • Check for proper functioning of all heads and nozzles;
  • As time permits, make system repairs;
  • Provide information and quote for all repairs needed that exceed the time allotted based on your Spring Start Up Service quote;
  • Design review and recommendations to ensure your system is properly meeting the needs of your property’s landscape and lawn health.

From a simple head change, to innovative repair solutions, system or parts replacement or adding new zones, our irrigation designers and service technicians are professionally trained and certified to work with you.

Irrigations Services across Montreal East, Montreal West, Laval, South Shore and North Shore.